abby82 (abby82) wrote in fk_fanfiction,

FK Ficfest is accepting fic writing participants

Has the glacial pace that Forever Knight fanfiction appears got you frustrated?

Are you jonesing for some Nick, LaCroix, and Janette vampiric escapades, Nick and Natalie working on that darned cure, or the latest investigation of the Knight and Schanke partnership or Knight and Vetter?

Our small, obscure fandom is getting an LJ ficathon of its very own and now you too can be a part of it. May I introduce, fkficfest !

Sign-ups for the exchange ficathon are open through March 18th. The rules are simple: Sign up with three story prompt requests (one gen, one ship, and a wild card) and on March 21st you'll get three prompts in return from another participant. Of those three, pick one to write a minimum 1,000 word story fulfilling that prompt.

The deadline to submit your story is May 8th and stories will be released on May 18th, roughly the 14th anniversary of the first airing of "Last Knight" in local syndication. Can you believe it? 14 years!

According to the mods, 14 players have already committed. You know you wanna sign up.

Check out the rules and the sign up post for more details and sample prompts.


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