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Title: Reawakening Part 2
Author: hyper_roo
Rating: M
Pairing: Still T+V, but leading into a touch of CERK Perk.
Disclaimer: I do not own FK!
A/N: Nick found Tracy holding Vachon's body w/o a stake in it. The only visible injuries were the ones Divia inflicted. I know the books aren't considered Canon, but I really liked the back stories they gave Screed and Vachon in These Our Revels so I'm using them. The scene described by Aristotle also took place in These Our Revels. As for the scene with Aristotle, it makes sense that there would be a database of vampires in the world, the Enforcers hint at a well guarded and organized community. They would need it to be able to to move on but still have community ties. That also means that there are a lot of legalities in the vampire community leading to bureaucracy. For the last part, it's been widely believed since ancient times (and proven scientifically to be partially correct) that the mind goes blank when in that state.

Nick Knight walked into his loft, he had gotten off early tonight and couldn't be more thrilled. He had been very hungry lately and being around all the blood involved in a crime scene didn't help. Walking over to his fridge, he pulled out a bottle of cow's blood, pulled the cork out with his teeth, blindly spat it across the room and sat down on his leather couch to enjoy his dinner. It took almost half the bottle but the hunger in Nick finally started to subside.
Leaning back, he let out an exasperated sigh, it had been a long week. Tracy was giving him more and more flak about running off and leaving her behind to do the grunt work while he did the actual police work. Life had been so much easier with Schanke, all Nick had to do was occasionally throw Schanke a bone of glory and he was happy to be in the background. It didn't help that Tracy was a resistor and Schanke had been easy to hypnotize. Anytime Nick's former partner had caught him doing something that wasn't humanely possible he would just tell him to forget and he would.

And occasionally wash the car too.

A pang of guilt hit Nick, he had very often taken advantage of his former partners human weaknesses. But what bothered him more was his desire for his current partner to be that weak-willed. Lacroix had found a way though and Nick had always wanted to ask exactly how he had done it, but decided against having that particular temptation.
Ignoring those thoughts, Nick reached over and hit the button on his answering machine.

“You have one new message: Knight! It's Vachon. Look I know you're surprised to hear from me, but we need to talk about Tracy. Meet me at the Raven, I need to get some things settled with Lacroix.”

Playing the message back, Nick tried to figure out who had really called him, it sounded like Vachon, but it could have been a trick. What made him more suspicious was that the message told him to go to Lacroix. In his eight centuries, this had happened to him more than once. But his master had agreed to let him live his life without interfering, Nick knew it could be real, he just didn't know how.

Lucien Lacroix was surrounded by paperwork and file folders and looked as if he would rather walk out into the sun than go through them. His old friend Aristotle sat next to him, typing away on his laptop, trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. The offending papers were specifics on all the vampires Divia had killed, the mess needed to be cleaned up.
After her two night rampage, Divia had killed over forty of the younger vampires in the city. Masters, children or siblings needed to be contacted, bank accounts and properties had to be transferred and severed community connections needed to be reestablished . Until this was done, Lacroix was not allowed to move on.

“All right,” Aristotle said “who's next?”

Lacroix picked up the next file and handed it to his friend.

“Ursula Comstock,” he said looking it over, “ one hundred twenty-five years old. Master is Javier Vachon. Why does that name sound so familiar?”

“He is also one of the deceased.” Lacroix said, frustration filling his voice.

“Oh, well hand me his file then, we can get them both done at once and move onto the next.”

Lacroix started going through the large pile, it was in alphabetical order which meant Vachon's was somewhere near the bottom, he hoped. Many of the vampires they had processed were either under their current aliases or their original names, unfortunately the paperwork didn't say which it was so locating the proper files or even explaining to their master who had died was a much more difficult task then it needed to be.

Of course, if the rest of community kept better track of their children, as I do, this task would not be so daunting.

Finding the file near the top in the J's, (due to the fact that his first and last names were mistakenly inverted) Lacroix handed it to Aristotle, stood up and walked to the bar for a drink.

“Come now Lucius,” Aristotle said, using his mortal name “this can't really be bothering you that much. We should be done with all this paperwork in the next three to four months and then it should only take a few years at the most to properly reestablish the community. And what's a few years for those as old as us?”

Lacroix said nothing, he instead pulled a bottle out from behind the bar and filled two glasses with it.

“Thank you” Aristotle said, accepting the glass from Lacroix when he returned to the table, “so, It looks like Vachon's master was killed centuries ago, though her name isn't listed here.”

“I doubt you would find it anywhere, apparently he was brought across by some native vampire in South America, she also did so to one of his bitter enemies making them twins. She killed herself the very next day by walking into the sun. She must have had quite the flare for theatrics, bringing across two mortal enemies and then leaving them to each other for the rest of eternity.”

“Wait,” Aristotle exclaimed, “I know this vampire, we crossed paths with him, what was it fifteen ninety-nine, sixteen hundred? Anyway, he was killing women all over London and not bothering to cover it up. He was so used to leaving his victims to rot in the jungle. I'm surprised he lasted five hundred years. Didn't he have a carouche child?”

“Yes, but he was killed when the sickness struck the community. And I believe his twin was killed in one of the bombings last summer.”

“Well, that's a dying family tree. Oh wait, it seems he has one living child, Francois Bourbon, lives in Stockholm. Well I guess we'd better give him a call and inform him that Vachon's, Urs's and Screed's properties and finances are now all his.”

“Actually” a low voice said, “I'd prefer if you didn't.”

An amused look crossed Lacroix's face, Vachon was standing at the bar, drinking from the bottle that had been left sitting there.

“So you weren't dead when your mortal friend buried you?” Lacroix said, enjoying the irony of burying a vampire alive.

“Mortal friend?” Aristotle said

“Don't worry” Lacroix assured “I've already taken care of it.”

“Yes,” Vachon said as he took a swig from the bottle and then wiped his lips off out of habit “You did, what I want to know is why? Tracy thinking me dead would've kept her away from the community, thinking I had left would only make her look for me.”

“Yes well, you'll have to take that up with Nicholas, he's the one who made that request.”

Lacroix turned his head in time to see Nick land at the bottom of the steps to the bar.

“Well” Lacroix said “ 'Speak of the devil' I believe is the appropriate term here.”

“So you are alive.” Nick said when he saw Vachon “But I saw you dead in Tracy's arms.”

Vachon shrugged.

“She took the stake out,” he replied nonchalantly

“ Stake? I thought Divia attacked you?”

“Was that her name? Yeah, she attacked me, but she didn't kill me.”

Nick looked confused, he wanted to know the rest, but Vachon decided to leave him hanging for a few minutes as he retrieved a glass, poured himself a drink, threw it back and then poured another.

“After her attack,” Vachon continued as he sipped his new glass of blood, “I made my way back home, and proceeded to slowly go insane from her memories and thoughts.”

“So how did Tracy stake you then?”

“She showed-up, said I called her, I don't remember doing it but I wasn't exactly of sound mind at the time. I realized the injuries were going to kill me and asked Tracy to stake me.”

“But she pulled it out before it finished killing you.” Nick finished

Vachon nodded, finished his glass, set it down on the bar and walked over to the table Aristotle and Lacroix were sitting at.

“So you can mark me as 'Alive' in the community database” he said to them.” Or at least the equivalent of.”

Aristotle shrugged, and made the necessary adjustments in his hard and computer file.

“What I don't get Knight” Vachon said, his voice becoming serious “ is how you could give Tracy to Lacroix to violate.”

“Violate? All he did was adjust her memories. You've tried to do it.”

“And failed, Tracy is a resistor and there aren't many ways of dealing with them. But what Lacroix would've had to do was something I thought you were above letting happen.”

A look of confusion crossed Nick's face.

“What are you talking about?” he said “Lacroix what does he mean?”

Vachon stared at Nick in disbelief.

“You really don't know?”

“Nicholas is not an active member of the community,” Lacroix pointed out “he doesn't keep up with the new methods.”

“Methods?” Nick snapped “What methods!”

Vachon shook his head, he couldn't believe Knight really didn't know.

“The only way,” he said “to ensure a resistor is completely under your control is to cause there mind to go blank.”

“ 'Blank?' How would you ensure that?”

Vachon looked at Lacroix for help.

“Physical pleasure Nicholas.”


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Jul. 30th, 2011 05:27 pm (UTC)
Ewwww -creepy! (and well written ;>) - Not surprising for LaCroix, but poor Nick.
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