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Fic challenge...

If this is not allowed then please delete.

I want to propose a fic challenge for the fans of the following tv series: Angel, Blood Ties, and Forever Knight. The fic would be a crossover fic involving characters from each show.

Challenge: With the way each series ended "Have you ever wondered what happened after that?" With Henry and Mike leaving Vicki hanging with the demon Asteroth running around and Angel and/or Spike possibly surviving the battle with Wolfram and Hart, and the way Forever Knight ended...well could it be possible that they were all forced together to stop asteroth from conquering the world?

Parameters: the fic can be any rating that the writer chooses. I would prefer no main character deaths, but if it is unavoidable then so be it. I'd like to read at least a one chapter fic, but longer would be better. That's it and I hope someone will take me up on this challenge. I look forward to reading whatever may come.