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Forever Knight Fanfiction and Challenge

Fiction, Discussion, Analysis

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Welcome to the Forever Knight Fanfiction and Challenge Community. If needed, donated blood can be found in the fridge. If not needed, just forget that comment, oui? This community is for those (living and not)who wish to write fiction based on the former television series, Forever Knight, as well as provide constructive feedback, participate in the challenges, or discuss any other aspect that happens to come up.

Your moderator is innogen, and she is easy to reach by e-mail. I'm told they only had to call the Enforcers once--no, twice, when chaos took over. There are many ways to reach her, but e-mail is easiest, especially if she is famished.

The community rules are basic: treat others with respect, no unnecessary flaming (figuratively and literally), and keep creative criticism constructive. If anyone has any concerns, please contact the moderator.

Challenges: The challenges will take form as 30 Minute Fic Challenges, and a new one will be issued every two weeks. The intention behind these are to provide the writer with an ice-breaker. You can complete any past challenge at any time and post it, or post a work in progress if the story develops into something longer. Or, if you have a completely different idea, go with that. All that matters is that your creativity flows and you write!

All types of Forever Knight fiction is welcome here: Poetry, Crossovers, General, All Pairings with All Ratings (more about that under the challenge section). As long as a Forever Knight character plays a major role in the creative work, we are interested in seeing it posted here.

Here is more information on the challenges if you are going to participate:

30 Minute Forever Knight Fics!
A new challenge will be posted every other Tuesday, in honor of the original CBS 'Crimetime after Primetime' airings. This can be a short premise, a word or phrase, or a picture.

Once you have thirty free minutes, set your timer and write! The thirty minutes is for plotting, writing, and editing. At the end of the thirty minutes, post your fic behind an LJ-cut in this community. Format should be exactly as follows:

Rating: (G through NC-17)
Pairings (if any):
Author's Notes:

(lj-cut goes here)

then the text of the story.

Instructions for using the lj-cut:
(delete asterisks to make the code work properly)

<*lj-cut>Enter your story here

Instructions for using the lj-cut with text:
(delete asterisks to make the code work properly)

<*lj-cut text="Enter your story title or other comment here">Enter the body of your story here

All pairing and ratings, including general fic, are welcome. Please place slash, or graphic ickiness of any kind as a warning in the Author Notes. If you think it's needed, post a 'Squick Alert'.

The challenge is to spend 30 minutes uninterrupted by distractions. Interruptions are likely to occur anyway, so allowances can be made, extending your time up to 40 minutes (and still say it's 30). Don't worry about posting a 'rough cut' for the challenge. You can revise later. The real purpose is to get your story written down, or at least started, and posted! You may have a complete fic in the end, or the basis for something more. You may choose to polish later; you may not. The time limit is part of the process, and it really helps knock down those really thick writer's two-brick thick walls.

Please try to leave feedback, even if it's just to note that you are adding the author's effort to your personal memories. Also, discussing story ideas is encouraged: this could be in the form of brainstorming with an author to help develop his or her story or discussing random plot-bunnies on a separate thread. Even if you don't write, we want to hear your ideas on characters and plots and 'what ifs'.

You can write on any past challenge if the mood strikes, as well. Just make sure you post that it is in response to an older challenge. All challenges and fics are sent to The Blood Bank, the community memories, for safe keeping. The work still belongs to the author, and may archive his or her work where-ever else is chosen.

Questions? Suggestions for a challenge? Any kind of feedback? Email the Moderator.

I would like to thank the moderators of Harry Potter 30 Minute Fics for providing me with a clue how to write community information.